Erdan Halueth, L4 Half-Elf Paladin of the Raven Queen
Bree, L4 Halfling Rogue
Redgar, L4 Human Warlord
Running Bird, L4 Shifter Druid

  • The heroes searched out LordErnest Padraig through the forest battlefield. They found him surrounded by orcs and an ogre, and managed to rescue him after defeating the savages.
  • They were joined by Running Bird, a shifter from the forest, whose tribe had been wiped out by the orcs and was now on a mission to kill as many orcs as possible.
  • They decided to head towards the main Taurrian force deeper into the forest.
  • As they break camp, a green dragon named Helfax appeared, and told them of an old grave site of a dragonborn prince, buried hundreds of years ago in the forest. The grave contained some treasure.
  • Helfax proposed that if she led them to the grave site, and the heroes overcame protective glyphs of warding, they can share the treasure with the dragon. The heroes believed that the dragon wasn’t telling the truth, so Helfax brought a bag of treasure to show her sincerity.
  • The heroes agreed. When they arrived at the ruined grave site, they saw six crumbling statues of warriors surrounding a stone coffin. Six specters suddenly ambushed the heroes, which the heroes eventually overcame.
  • The heroes lifted the coffin lid, which was indeed trapped with a glyph of warding, engulfing the heroes in flames. Surviving the flames, the heroes took out some treasure, one of which was a piece of the Ring of Aurrock.
  • Helfax the green dragon, who waited outside the grave site, demanded that the heroes show her the treasure. The heroes showed her all the treasure, except the piece of the ring (Bree managing to bluff their way through).
  • Helfax, suddenly losing interest, turned and left, giving the heroes all of the treasure.
  • The heroes moved on towards the main Taurrian force.



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