Erdan Halueth, L5 Half-Elf Paladin of the Raven Queen
Bree, L5 Halfling Rogue
Redgar, L5 Human Warlord
Running Bird, L5 Shifter Druid

  • With Padraig found, the heroes travel further into the Winterbole Forest, trying to join the main Taurrian army led by Grand Consul Paricus.
  • Along the way they encounter ettercaps and spiders, and are reminded of the dangers of this forest.
  • After three days, they finally find the Taurrian legions, surrounding a crude Orc fort.
  • The heroes and Padraig report the demise of the reinforcement legion to Consul Lauros, who informs G.C. Paricus. Paricus decides to call off the siege and retreat before the legions are surrounded by the orcs, but orders an assault on the fort in order to weaken its defenders and discourage any pursuit.
  • An orc champion by the name of Grumbar had been causing a lot of damage among the Taurrian ranks.
  • When the heroes assaulted the fort, they met Grumbar and killed him after an epic battle at the fort’s battlements.
  • Bree forcing the Orc Eye of Gruumsh off the wall, killing him whilst it wondered around contemplating it’s next move.



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