Hunter, brought up in two different worlds


Character Story

Beiro fled for his past life in Taurria and wandered the lands making a living any way he could. Hunting down and tracking wild animals from the wilds. Competing in archery and sword fighting events to raise a few coins for lodging. His trail was a meandering one with a known destination but unknown journey. One day while hunting a wild boar in the wilds of Arvard, Beiro saw a cleric being beset by Barbarians who had ran the cleric, Alealde Athane, out of town after trying to convert a local village. Unbeknown to this cleric, the village was under the protection of powerful warlord, Eld’gare. Eld’gare controlled a cluster of villages by providing protection in return for supplies and troops. She controls his small region with an iron fist and those who defy him are dealt with. Eld’gare gained his power as a shaman which used his power to conjure up powerful allies to do her bidding which rarely leave her side. Anyone caught practicing religions and not worshiping her is a crime punishable by death.

Alealde Athane had managed to fight off most of the attackers, however, his powers being fully drained a few remained. Fortunately, Beiro came to his rescue fighting off the remaining attackers. Alealde took Beiro in and after hearing his story, he made him an offer. He would be granted sanctuary but in return he was required to serve the church. Given his predicament, and his limited options, he accepted. Thus, Beiro’s adventure begins…


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