the Order of the Eternal Rest

The Order of the Eternal Rest came to prominence in the second age where the tribes from the first age combined and each of the religions fought for prominence. Although, the kings were guided by Ioun and Kord during life and during their rule in the second, the Raven Queen was favoured by the kings in order to be prepared for the afterlife. It was during this age the Order of the Eternal Rest was formed. The role of the order was:

  1. to conduct funerals and provides wards against raiders and cultists how would be willing to defile the graves of those already, and
  2. to go on expeditions to convert the pagan tribes
  3. to organise and celebrate the coming of winter, and
  4. to destroy enemies to the throne who would seek to threaten the throne with abominations.

As the second age progressed and the quality of kings declined at the machinations of the elders, the Order of Eternal Rest started to fall out of favour. Slowly the edict that was endorsed became more limited, as each successive king looked to prolong their lives through unatural. Eventually the order was only called upon to celebrate the coming of winter in an excuse to distract the populace from the fact the kingdom was faltering in the face of harsher winters. However, the Order of the Eternal rest continued to conduct its responsibilities in secret.

The Order of the Eternal Rest continues, with the religion of the Raven Queen being supported by sympathisers and occasionally powerful leaders who lend resources to the order to ensure its survival.

Since the order’s founding the method to selecting the leader has remained unchanged. Apart from the original founder of the order who was appointed by the Kings of old and anointed by the Raven Queen, the leader of the Order has been elected by the council within the order. Each councilor is elected by members within order to represent their views in the council. Over time as the order lost prominence in Taurria, factions within the order emerged. There were three factions.

First, there was the faction of the Raven’s talon, this was the military arm of the order which is lead by the Inquisitor General. Below the inquisitor general were the inquisitors who would lead hunting squads. They were called upon to crush any abominations that were seen as a threat.

Second, there was the faction of the Raven’s song, this the arm which took on the role of converting the pagan tribes and those who strayed from the path. This faction is lead by the High Counselor, with counselors going to places throughout Taurria to spread the ways of the Raven Queen.

Last, there was the faction of the Raven’s sight, which acted as the arbiters and kept the historical records. This faction was lead by Magister, and had arbiters and lead scholars to ensure the Order to continued to function. Generally, the leader was elected from this faction as it was known for taking the less extreme views.

On entering into the order, you do not need to decide on the faction to align with. In fact some followers decide to reach the rank of lieutenant and never progress beyound that rank to avoid the politics.

Over time, as followers of the Raven Queen have dwindled, the quality of new recruits has dropped. The squabbling between the factions has intensified, as the Raven’s claw and Raven’s song disagree on ways to return the Order to its former glory. Inquisitor General Adorra Intereo-Affero, believes that the Order can regain prominence by crushing its enemies and regaining the respect it has lost over the ages, while High Counsellor Farrus Kelthorn believes that the Order can return to its former glory by attracting new followers and convincing people within powerful positions to worship the Raven Queen.

Recently, Magister Innicus passed on due to old age, after leading the order for 40 years. A mystery that surrounds the death of the Magister is that the symbol of leadership, the Raven’s sight, a pitch black gem, has disappeared. Rumour has it, that only does this gemstone forms part of a powerful ring but also in his last days, the Magister had a trusted friend spirit the Raven’s eye away. As you see Magister Innicus consider that there are no candidates fit to lead yet, and therefore no endorsement was given.

A vote has been called and without any strong leaders within the Raven’s eye or an endorsement from Magister Innicus, the Order remains in turmoil, as there is a deadlock that currently be resolved. The future of the order is unknown, will it remain as one entity, will it split along ideological lines, will there be a new leader to unite the order or will it fade away into irrelevance? This answer is unknown.

the Order of the Eternal Rest

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