Taurrian Campaign

The Great Taurrian Empire is the single most powerful entity on the continent, its borders ever expanding, its power ever evolving. But nothing is ever certain, even for this bedrock of civilisation. Enemies surround its borders, Consuls vie for power as the Emperor lose control of the Courts, and rebellious factions work tirelessly to destabilise the provinces. In these times of uncertainty, the actions of a few could forever change the lives of many…

I. Keep On the Shadowfell

(Sessions 1 – 8)

Beiro, Soveliss, Redgar, Bree and Vigo are sent to Winterhaven to investigate the activities of the Cult of Orcus, led by a twisted priest named Kalarel…

II. Ring of Aurrock

(Sessions 9 – current)

Created by the Dragonborn of Roganis (now occupied Rogaria), the Ring of Aurrokk had the powerful ability to control dragons. During the Roganic War some 300 years ago, the invading Taurrian Legions were driven back time and again as the dragons cut swathes of death and destruction through its ranks. It took the Taurrians another 75 years before they can conquer Roganis, achieved mainly due to the mysterious disappearance of the ring…


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